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frequently asked cat behavior questions pam johnson bennett - i m having a behavior problem with my cat can i email pam for an answer unfortunately pam is unable to answer individual emails about cat behavior problems, cat questions answers to cat behavior and cat health - have a problem with your cat and have some cat questions you would like to ask me i have many years experience with various cat behavior cat health and cat care issues, worry not stop aggressive playful cat behavior - provide more overall environmental enrichment part of the reason your cat may be engaging in play aggression might be due to a boring environment, amazon com training cats books - online shopping for training cats from a great selection at books store, cat behaviors and what they mean tail flicking nipping - cat behaviors and what they mean tail flicking nipping kneading and morecat are way more flexible that you or i could probably ever hope to be therefore they, cat health problems poc pictures of cats org - cat health problems is a very large subject please either scroll down to search manually or please use google custom search by clicking here and use the search box, excessive drooling feline docs - i have a cat who has been drooling excessively since ive owned here she will be fine for a while and then will have a bout usually it only lasts a couple of days, how to take care of a cat with pictures wikihow - how to take care of a cat with their playful personalities affectionate behavior and adorable faces cats can be the ideal pet but despite popular, dog cat relationship wikipedia - dogs and cats have a range of interactions the natural instincts of each species lead towards antagonistic interactions though individual animals can have non, insights to dog behavior help my dog is growling at me - i received an email from a dog owner by the name of freddy who s asking for help for his dog brody s new found growling behavior it sounds to me like brody has, leerburg electric collar q a - dog training with electric collars is simplified with this information on leerburg kennels director of electric collar training this page will help organize you, understanding backyard duck behavior the cape coop - part of the reason ducks are so fun to keep as pets is they have such fun personalities check out my guide to understanding your duck s behavior, home treatment for cat constipation poc - photo tjflex2 a page about home treatment for cat constipation i won t describe the symptoms of constipation we know them cats can suffer from the same problem, q a why does my cat suddenly bite me for no reason - there you sit enjoying a quiet moment while gently petting your beloved feline when he suddenly inexplicably turns and sinks his teeth into your hand, tanya s comprehensive guide to feline chronic kidney - if uraemia is severe the cat may occasionally develop gastrointestinal bleeding nutritional management of chronic renal disease fascetti aj, separation anxiety why it happens and how to help your dog - another way to alleviate separation anxiety issues is to try and keep to a fixed schedule during holidays go out and visit some friends so that our dog has his, treatments for general health issues kidney disease - the flea found most frequently in homes is the cat flea ctenocephalides felis felis despite its name it can also live on other animals in the household such, cat constipation causes symptoms treatment of - cat constipation causes symptoms treatment of constipation with dr jean hofve originally published on jul 11 2012 god love dr jean for taking the time to, bengal cat facts bengal cat world - facts and photos about the beautiful bengal cat, cat a message from one of our spirit animals - if cat has come slinking through your dreams to see a cat in your dreams is to highlight your own feminine sexuality independent spirit creativity and power, dog discipline should we beat or hit a dog as punishment - finally when a dog physically corrects another dog the other dog may decide to fight back a puppy may allow an adult dog to correct him initially but when he, 8 ways women destroy themselves and everyone else by - 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